The client

Our client is a community-led OTT aggregator and content discovery platform that helps users simplify their choice of what to watch across streaming platforms. Our platform streamlines the search process and recommends new movies and TV shows based on your preferences, making it easy to stay up-to-date on the latest releases and never miss a must-watch show again. Users can also get authentic recommendations and views from family and friends before making a choice of what to watch. Our AI quickly learns your preferences and provides personalized recommendations based on your viewing habits.

The problem

The current platform suffers from myriad issues hindering user experience. Users face challenges in establishing social connections and enjoying shared activities like movie-watching due to ineffective search functionalities. Additionally, sluggish performance and unresponsiveness further exacerbate frustrations, leading to diminished motivation among users. These issues collectively impede the platform’s ability to foster a vibrant and engaging community. Addressing these shortcomings is imperative to enhance user satisfaction, encourage active participation, and ultimately cultivate a thriving social environment conducive to meaningful interactions and shared experiences.

The solution

“We redesigned the website in a user-centric manner, defining intuitive user flows while practicing agile design thinking methodology. The team held several workshops, including card sorting, feature listing, and brainstorming sessions. A prototype was created, and user testing was conducted to improve based on user feedback. We ideated a solution that drives user traffic and engagement through seamless content discovery, discussion of reviews, and reward programs. We use the Double Diamond structure to understand customers and their problems, exploring creative and innovative ways to solve their problems and delight them.”

Our work in action

Higher conversion

Approximately 25% of all new users signed up on the platform after finding the content and deals irresistible.

More engagement

New Interface is super friendly for users to understand and interact with the community and the content.

Higher retention

Nearly 60% of existing users started using the application daily to discover content, be a part of discussions and enjoy deals!

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