Strategies for Making Payment Methods More User-Friendly

Problem Statement:

Users find it challenging to carry out online payments, leading to declining internet transactions.

Hence, it is imperative to create a seamless user journey for all users to easily follow through with the journey to increase payment transactions. Furthermore, the competition is extremely high in the digital payment space since numerous businesses are going digital, have successfully done so, and are evolving more than ever. Therefore, we must be unique in our approach while enhancing the digital journey for the platforms we work on.

How to Solve it?

There are numerous ways to optimize the experience design for online payment portals such as creating a friendly user design, reducing cognitive load time, maintaining a low number of steps, and using a layout through which users can easily navigate towards their objective and offering multiple payment modes.

Create a user-friendly design

It is essential to resonate with users to create a layout that fits the store’s design. It should be clutter-free and clear to increase the checkout UX and speed. For any payment gateway, the design should be in line with the format of the store; this helps improve the visuals for users and creates mutual trust.

Reduce cognitive load time

Human beings have limited mental capacity to process and store information. Hence, it’s essential to keep the design clutter-free and ensure easy navigation so that users perform the tasks which they have come for. The load time of pages must be kept at a certain limit; otherwise, it frustrates users and causes them to drop out.

Utilize more visual information

Keep content at bay and utilize more pictures or visuals to reduce users’ efforts to store information. It is undoubtedly challenging to evade every task for users; however, eliminating any steps will improve users’ journey on your platform and reduce their mental pressure. It can be quite tempting to overload your platform with various content options, but it is more important to simplify the user’s path toward his objective as much as possible.

Utilize more visual information

Be a guide

A well-designed and framed website acts as a guide for users; it makes it easier for people to navigate toward their goals in fewer steps than required.

Benefits of Solving This Problem:

Statistics say that nearly 58% of banking consumer content features information that is too complex for users to comprehend.

This is where user experience and interface play a vital role in making the user journey intuitive on such platforms. An investment in UX leads to a significant payoff, especially in the FinTech sector, because a good customer experience on your platform creates mutual trust and loyalty toward your platform. There is a very high priority for users to have faith in your platform. This is very important in the case of financial services platforms because when finance is involved, users don’t want to take any chances. Therefore, the customer experience (CX) on your platform serves as a prerequisite to their long-term.

All companies understand that creating an exceptional customer experience on their digital platforms is everything to create a successful business. Thus, the mission is to create an omnichannel experience that helps users fulfil their requirements and encourage them to revisit the platform. But, more importantly, it is vital to cater to the mobile-first design principles since most people, especially the younger demographics, are mobile users and won’t be attracted to a platform that is not mobile-friendly.

What Have We Done?

Worxwide Consulting, as a digital growth consulting company, has strived to transform the user journey for multiple platforms in the FinTech space to ensure the digital product is optimized and easy to use.

To carry this out, we have conducted extensive user research via interviews and created user personas to understand the target audience of this endeavor to align ourselves with the same. Based on this, we created designs by defining the information architecture and integrating the user interface, which was aligned with the company’s objectives.

Hence, it was our job to ensure they were educated with the same and persuaded to usurp digital payment modes to cover a large spectrum of customers who were open to paying digitally as opposed to hard cash or otherwise.

Our objective in this project was to create a one-stop shop ecosystem in their local languages to ensure that they adopt digital payments as an integral part of their everyday lives. We designed a mobile app and created a web presence to create a difference in the rural markets.

The reason why this project was special to us was that our work on this product was the first in the market that catered to the requirements of the rural ecosystem and helped create a digital synergy for rural businesses to help them with shop management, promotions, and finances under one umbrella.

Most importantly for our clients, our designs helped them improve their market share by 20% in terms of merchant businesses. Since most of the functionalities in India have evolved into the digital ecosystem, the impact created on local merchants was no different.

Worxwide Consulting is a digital growth consulting firm that helps companies drive digital growth by improving user and customer experience. We help companies with end-to-end product design or UX design services that include research, strategy, design, and test product designs and prototypes.  Worxwide is based out of the US, UK, and India offering bid consulting, sales transformation, user experience, and customer experience product design services.  

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