Enabling India’s digital landscape by curating unique experiences via research, design, and development.


We are a culture-driven Product design company in India – a group of creative minds spread across Delhi, Gurugram, Noida, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, and Chennai, touching billions of lives through design.


We help you at every stage, from concept to launch!

We are a UI/UX design company in India that brings ideas to life through scalable, sustainable, and futuristic design solutions.


1. Research: We provide actionable data-driven insights that represent the voice of the users & resonate with your business objectives.

2. Design: Our UX UI designers thrive to create designs that users fall in love with that are intuitive and scalable. We see design as a collaborative endeavor, requiring all stakeholders’ input to create successful and scalable solutions.

3. Build: We help you translate any design into pixel-perfect, adaptable, scalable digital products for businesses.

We at Worxwide Consulting transform abstract ideas into concrete design-based solutions. We address all the complex problem statements and turn them into holistic experiences using our expertise.

  • Exceptional Design: Our portfolio is full of products that push the boundaries of design and reach audiences far and wide.
  • Customized Processes: Our UI/UX designers approach every project with flexible processes to plot the best course of action possible.
  • Principles & Ethics: We believe in ethical and accessible design solutions that provide equal opportunities to everyone.
  • Experiential Wisdom: Our time-tested, tried, and proven approach has made us the go-to option for design across industries.


Key Factors to Evaluate a UI/UX Design Agency in India 

  • Experience

For a UX design agency to successfully solve your problems, it is essential for them to have some prior experience with the kind of problems and challenges that your business is facing. If the agency has already worked with a client from your industry, it can help them provide a much better, tried, and tested solution.

  • Services

The agency that you chose for your design needs must be capable of designing the entire web and mobile app UX design. An application or web design is a comprehensive project, and UX design is merely a part of it.

  • Vision

What is best in UX continuously changes as the customer or user behavior keeps evolving. Hence, a good UI/UX Design agency would be one that constantly keeps trying to get better and keenly follows up on the latest design trends.

  • Strategy

Before finalizing a UX design agency to work with, try to learn and understand the agency’s workflow and strategy. It is crucial to understand beforehand what precisely the agency would do for you and by when.

  • Portfolio

A portfolio is undoubtedly one of the better ways to evaluate any agency’s level of skill and experience. Their past works, designs, and other details like testimonials, customer feedback, etc., can provide you with all the necessary information before zeroing in on which agency to work with.

  • Budget

Design projects include many revisions. Even with a perfect UX design agency, it’s apparent that you will not be satisfied with the first draft. Hence, it is advisable to ensure that you are on the same page about the budget and what’s included in it.


Key KPIs that you can achieve with Worxwide Consulting (formerly Bids and Beyond) 

 1. Improved Product Design

Creating a new product design is an exhilarating process that is not only time taking but very costly too. We at Worxwide believe in improving the existing product design by making it more interactive and engaging.

 2. Designing Customer Service Through Research and Design

Our design approach is based on research and planning. We study the latest design trends and curate experiences based on what the users would like. This helps us in enabling our customers to leverage their relationship with their customers.

Our CX Design approach enhances the user’s experience at all touchpoints, i.e., before, during, and after the conversion.

Thanks to these customer-centered methods, the customers are delighted at each step of the conversion journey, and strong customer-brand relationships are nurtured.

3. Seamless Customer Experience

Before designing, our focus is on the user journey. We look for ways to make the customer experience seamless and delightful. With our user-centered approach, our goal is to understand the user and their needs fully.


Our Process: 

1. UX Business Strategy

We align a long-term plan to position every user touchpoint with your company’s vision for a better user experience.

 2. UX Research

We deliver the best possible UX for the visitors of your website.

3. UX Audit

After UX research, we analyze the product, conduct usability testing, identify core issues, and suggest the appropriate next steps.

4. UX Design

After auditing the UX, we design the products that delight users with their effectiveness.

5. Prototype

After design comes prototyping, wherein we implement ideas into tangible forms – from paper to digital.

6. Front-End Development


Finally, we implement the software’s User Interface (UI).

Worxwide Consulting is one of the best design studios in India. We have worked with a wide variety of start-ups and established brands. Our research-driven design process has had a transformative impact on businesses across the country. We always try to push the envelope and create customer-centric solutions that enable businesses to help millions of people.

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