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    In today’s technology-driven world, businesses are optimizing their cost using the best technology that fits their environment.

    • Are you optimizing technology to the fullest for your enterprise needs?
    • Do you have SharePoint or Microsoft 365?
    • If yes, are you taking the advantage of MS Power Platform to improve your business operations?

    In one of its studies in 2021, Gartner declared Microsoft PowerApps as “the world’s most comprehensive low-code app platform.”

    Several businesses can vouch for its capability. The major benefits harnessed by organizations using PowerApps are reduced application development time and empowering developers to create custom applications, along with the gained advantage of reducing development costs significantly and increasing workers’ efficiencies exponentially.

    Several of our clients face the key challenge of lacking tools and methods for creating business workflows using their own apps and therefore suffering at the hands of highly centralized data analysis and expensive specialized tools. Lack of agility limits their organization’s ability to rapidly respond to the dynamic environment for better business and client success.

    After transitioning to Power Platform, our clients were able to democratize business intelligence and related development. This, in turn, freed them from dependence on IT and data analytics teams on specific initiatives that were dependent on their specific skill sets. The result they achieved was faster, less expensive development and improved business outcomes with increased revenues.

    This paper is intended to help the reader evaluate the financial impact of adopting the MS Power Platform on their organizations and how Worxwide can help transform your business using the Low Code – No Code Platform. Should it be a Yay or Nay?

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