Sales automation helps you reduce costs and increase sales productivity. The automation process can significantly cut time on sales operations for your sales representatives and CXOs to focus on the core business.

We have deep experience in implementing Sales Cloud and Sales Hub modules of Salesforce and Hubspot respectively. We define the entire sales process, followed by how the opportunities and deals shall flow in the system including automated workflows, lead scoring, auto follow-ups, knowledge library, and so on.

Sales automation includes:

Pipeline Management

Track sales opportunities and move forward faster with a rich customer activity timeline.

Sales Workflows

Increase rep productivity by automating daily tasks with activity tracking and workflows.

Sales Signals

Get real-time insights on how your prospects are behaving through click rates, open rates, and their potential interests so that you can share personalised content.

Lead Scoring

Assign qualified leads to sales representatives with automated lead scoring. Set up an automatic lead scoring and routing system to ensure no leads are overlooked, so sales reps can follow up on hot leads – fast.

Sales Forecasts

You can plan for quarterly or annual revenue targets basis your pipeline and revenue forecasting in the system. With  AI and intelligence, get insights about your pipeline health, and make data-driven decisions accordingly.

Conversation Intelligence

Automatically capture call details, then unlock coaching opportunities with AI-powered insights.

Sales Management Playbooks

Help your team close deals faster. Empower them with competitive battle cards, call scripts, positioning guides, and more.


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