Sales and Marketing Automation and Implementation Services

Shorten sales Cycle
Faster turnaround time
360-degree view of customers
Improved lead management
Personalized customer engagement
Data-driven decision making
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We begin with a comprehensive audit of your entire sales and marketing landscape. This involves understanding the current deal and deal maturity flow, identifying gaps, and analyzing existing processes. By creating an "as-is" process map, we gain a clear picture of the current state and lay the groundwork for targeted improvements.


In the ideation phase, we conduct discovery and ideation workshops. These sessions are designed to explore innovative ideas and strategies that address the identified gaps and enhance your sales and marketing processes. Through collaborative brainstorming and strategic planning, we develop customized solutions that align with your business objectives.


During the implementation phase, we put our strategies into action. This involves deploying the necessary tools and technologies, integrating automation systems, and optimizing workflows. We ensure a seamless transition from manual to automated processes, providing training and support to ensure that your team can effectively utilize the new systems. Our goal is to enhance efficiency, drive better results, and provide measurable improvements in your sales and marketing efforts.

Our Customers Love what we do

I've been truly impressed by Worxwide's dedication and expertise in collaborating with us on the safety management platform. The way they have seamlessly integrated into our team and grasped the intricacies of our Safety Management Platform is commendable. Their commitment to understanding our unique needs and actively participating in the development of modules such as 'safety leads', 'contractor safety management', and 'incident investigation' has been a key factor in the success of this venture.

Client Partner, Steel Manufacturing Giant

The team lead by Vivek is a great value add to us. Design thinking knowledge of team and Vivek’s leadership skills are invaluable in building our rural fintech ecosystem. Thank you for all your extra efforts over the nights and weekends you spent.

CTO - Leader in Fintech

Experience of the resources in design thinking and design has been phenomenal and openness and collaboration being great. We never feel that we are working with a partner, and it has always been like they are an extended part of our team.

Chief Digital Officer, Fintech Leader Enterprise

Worxwide team has shown exemplary skills of UX & professionalism. They have helped us re-design a B2B GRC platform which was not intuitive enough. The team has really good UX experts who have helped us in navigating through our product journey.

Digital Director - B2B Products

Our user research capabilites

Consulting and Strategy
Our consulting and strategy services leverage advanced analytics and industry-specific algorithms to optimize your sales processes. We conduct in-depth market analysis using big data techniques, assess your competitive positioning through machine learning models, and develop customized strategies based on predictive analytics. These strategic insights and recommendations empower you to streamline sales operations and drive growth.
CRM and Workflows Salesforce Automation
Our CRM and workflow automation services integrate with Salesforce, utilizing advanced automation tools to streamline sales workflows. By automating repetitive tasks, managing customer relationships efficiently, and providing real-time data insights, we enhance sales team productivity and improve customer engagement.
Marketing Automation Campaign
Our campaign implementation capability focuses on implementing marketing campaigns using tools and methodologies. We design and execute targeted campaigns, leveraging data-driven insights and automation to maximize reach and engagement. This ensures that your sales efforts are strategically aligned with marketing initiatives, driving higher conversion rates.
AI-Based Sales Platform Implementation
Leveraging artificial intelligence, our AI-based sales platform implementation enhances your sales processes with intelligent automation and predictive analytics. By analyzing customer data, forecasting sales trends, and providing actionable insights, our AI-driven tools enable more informed decision-making, personalized customer interactions, and optimized sales strategies.

By implementing our sales and marketing automation solutions, your organization can experience a transformative impact across various aspects of sales operations. Our automation tools streamline lead management processes, enabling efficient tracking, categorization, and nurturing of leads. With dynamic sales pipeline management capabilities, you gain real-time visibility into deal progress, optimizing workflow efficiency and ensuring timely follow-ups. Personalized sales engagement becomes effortless, as our automated systems deliver tailored communications and follow-ups to prospects at the right time, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

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